Monday, June 18, 2012

Another GREAT resource for the San Francisco Workforce!!

Hello everyone!  I hope you have all been working just as hard as I have!

I would like to share another valuable resource for all of us based in the Bay Area, and those who travel here for work and pleasure.

I stumbled upon this store today totally by accident.  After two hours of trying on clothes, I left the store with over $2000 of clothing--for less than $300!! 

The store is called A Miner Miracle and is located at 441 Sutter St, between Stockton and Powell.

This store sells designer clothing (think Michael Kors, Via Spiga, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, London Fog, etc.) for ridiculously low prices.  Everything is new--either used as runway clothing, samples, or photo shoot props.  I even landed a pair of $100 pants that had been slightly altered exactly where I needed them to be--for $10!!!!!!!! 

OK, I bought four pairs of pants and a few skirts.  And some shorts and casual pants.  And a London Fog raincoat.  But who's counting??

But selling me great clothes at great prices isn't all this store does.  As a non-profit organization:

"The purpose of the program is to help disadvantaged people enter the workplace by educating them to present themselves well and with pride. The program -- from providing work-appropriate clothing and grooming services to enhancing presentation skills -- not only improves employment potential but helps build self-esteem."

As far as I'm concerned, this is a win-win.  I am so tired of people looking down upon the disadvantaged and unemployed of my community and neighborhood, shouting the typical, "Get a job, you bum!" when it is obvious that these people would love to work if only they had some job training and a fresh set of clothes to wear to an interview. 

So here is your chance to help.  Buy some clothes at 80% off, and the proceeds help to employ people in the community.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day...teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.  Same goes for employment.  Give a man a fresh set of clothing to wear to a new job, and he goes off the unemployment line.  And you also get a fresh set of clothing to wear to your next gig!!

A new delivery of Michael Kors clothing is expected in the next 10 days.  I'll be there in two Mondays looking to score some new tops for the Trade Show Floor.

I hope to see you too.

Life is Good.  Especially when you do Good.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Three shows in three cities...

Hello everyone!

Well, it's time for three shows in three different cities.  Wahooooo!

Three days at DAC in SF.

After the close of show, go straight to the airport.

Get on a plane for Orlando at 8PM.

Arrive in Orlando at 7AM and head straight for the Convention Hall.

Work all day.  Meet a friend for dinner.  Sleep.

Work two more days.

At the close of show, go immediately to the airport and fly to San Diego.

Next day begins Cisco Live! working for one of my favorite clients and agencies.  

Fly home on the 15th.


Ever wonder how I find all the shows?  I plan WAY in advance.  You can too!

I found this Trade Show Calendar online and use it to see what shows are where for the next year or two.  Cross reference it with a few BA agencies in my favorite cities and I'm constantly working.

Go ahead... start planning a working vacation!  Maybe we can travel together!

Life is Good!!

Trade Show Calendar