Monday, June 4, 2012

Three shows in three cities...

Hello everyone!

Well, it's time for three shows in three different cities.  Wahooooo!

Three days at DAC in SF.

After the close of show, go straight to the airport.

Get on a plane for Orlando at 8PM.

Arrive in Orlando at 7AM and head straight for the Convention Hall.

Work all day.  Meet a friend for dinner.  Sleep.

Work two more days.

At the close of show, go immediately to the airport and fly to San Diego.

Next day begins Cisco Live! working for one of my favorite clients and agencies.  

Fly home on the 15th.


Ever wonder how I find all the shows?  I plan WAY in advance.  You can too!

I found this Trade Show Calendar online and use it to see what shows are where for the next year or two.  Cross reference it with a few BA agencies in my favorite cities and I'm constantly working.

Go ahead... start planning a working vacation!  Maybe we can travel together!

Life is Good!!

Trade Show Calendar


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    My team and I produce The Tradeshow Calendar. I'm glad that it helps you, and thanks for the link. Feel free to embed/private label data from the calendar into your web sites and blogs. There are 3 different templates available at no charge. See examples at:

    Vince Battaglia

  2. Hello Vince! Thank you for your comment!

    I can't tell you how useful your calendar is! Most of the other ones I have seen are full of ads and useless information. Your calendar is so easy to use and has exactly the information needed.

    I sat down for a day and planned out the rest of 2012 and most of 2013 using your calendar. Now all I have to do is book the gigs and I'm off!

    I did see the other options to post your calendar and will use them as my site develops.

    Thank you!